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Susan Elkin, The Stage: "This powerful, atmospheric reworking of Buchner’s 200 year old play as a three-hander is set in the aftermath of World War One with graphic flashbacks and a crisply accurate soundtrack.. a highly refined form of jerky, balletic, fast, evocative physical theatre with a strong debt to Brecht and some slickly puppeted underpinning.. Nicely timed for the 2014 centenary of the outbreak of the First World War, this Woyzeck is a fine piece of rapid fire theatre which shocks as much as it entertains."


Stuart Walker was the associate producer of the 2013-14 UK theatre tour of Georg Büchner's 1837 'Woyzeck' (in association with South Hill Park & Redbridge Drama Centre). Stuart also co-adapted, co-directed, understudied & later performed in the show. The physical theatre adaptation with a cast of 3, set in the aftermath of WW1, had a strong focus on PTSD and used projections of authentic sketches of the trenches by a WW1 soldier.


'Woyzeck' was well received by publications including The Stage and in 2015 featured in the UK Design for Performance 2011-15 exhibition at the V&A Museum: "work that defines the edges of this global art-form".

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WOYZECK - UK Theatre Tour 2013-14